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We will make LSL more achievable, not only from special websites or special courses but also daily in your social media, in a place where youth are spending more time nowadays.

The videos we used were old, they didn´t have full phrases for communication.

However, within the project, we will offer to learn not only everyday words and phrases, but also teach something new. Like, for example, do you want to learn how to sign "Instagram" or "WhatsApp"?
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Project AIM:
  • LSL more achievable

    Will make LSL more achievable, not only from special websites or special courses but also daily in your social media, in a place where youth are spending more time nowadays..

  • Inclusive community

    Continue creating an inclusive community, now not only for theatre but for any other youngsters who want to communicate and know a bit more about each other. In the future, we will even create some projects together and spread knowledge of Erasmus and ESC programs in the deaf community.

  • Opportunities

    Create more opportunities for non-hearing community, explanation of Erasmus+ and ESC concept and ability to participate in non-formal activities locally without official representatives (not organised by public institutions, something fresh and aimed at young people).

  • Help to show new words and phases

    Help to show new “youth” words and phrases which will be useful even for deaf community from other Latvian cities to share from deaf to deaf.

  • Inspire

    Inspire others to create action and interact with the community of deaf people, that it is not difficult and break stereotypes and stigmas.

  • Environment

    The environment where people can find new friends and connections feels inclusive.Helps to make ambassadors of LSL, more people will know some basis of LSL and use it in any appropriate situation.

✨Meet Our Team
Our group consists of 5 people with different responsibilities. In order to manage our work well. Most of us had experience in ESC projects before, which will help us to work on this project.
As well as our amazing volunteers are with us!

    .Responsible for controlling all documents about the project. Reminding about deadlines of tasks setting up tasks list and controlling time management


    Responsible for communication, in the group, collecting feedback and making notes about meetings, and external communication with LSL teachers, with our event holders , and with sponsors.

  • LIKA
    Social Media

    Manager of the social media team. Responsible for posting videos in Instagram and TikTok and keeping a connection with the audience on social mediaCollecting views and reactions in social media.

    Video, community integration and practicalities

    Responsible for video recording quality and content. Help with video editing and giving a final view before publishing. Help with community integration from the deaf community side and help with practicalities.

  • ALMA
    Vsual materials

    Responsible for visual materials including social media materials, website visualisations and photos for exhibition preparation. Publishing long versions of videos to the website and controlling the website.

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Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our friends✨

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