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What we do
Art of silence is an international project involving 3 Countries: Latvia, Croatia and Romania. Together we want to develop work with youth aiming at integration and inclusion between deaf and hearing communities. As a method, we want to use - Theatre. Creating integrational theatre studios in every country and work with them for 9 months, using our experience in art, and education, to be able after to create a 2 months program manual that can be used by youth workers to create an inclusive and integrated environment
To develop the work with the community of young deaf people with the aid of transnational organisations, using an integrated theatre approach and intercultural experience exchange.
2-month program manual for using it in different countries in various institutions (schools, NGOs, day-centers etc.). Aware people about inclusive theatre methods with the deaf community. The manual can use every youth worker to create an inclusive and integrated environment for youth with disabilities.
Hearing youth, deaf or hearing impaired youth 14-30 y.o.
Youth workers, theatre teachers, workers working with deaf or hearing impaired people, teachers in integrated local
schools, deaf communities.
Deaf local communities, inclusive local schools, NGOs that work with youth with fewer opportunities, theatres.
International activities
Team-building and getting to know each other.
Experience exchange
Visit of local deaf community
Open work-shop for the local community.
Evaluation and next steps planning
Leading organisation: 3D Friends
Meeting in Riga
November 2022
On this meeting we gether all together in Romania to test out our draft version of manual. After this meeting we could work harder on our result and create absolutely new version of manual!
Create a unique safe space for youth who were involved in the project. Make an environment where they can
share their creativity and be more aware about integrative events and possibilities in EU using Erasmus+
Show our prepared performances and exchange our experience
Leading organisation: CSEI "Elena Doamna"
Leading organisation: SIGN DANCE COLLECTIVE
Manual testing
Theatre gathering in Croatia
October 2023
May 2023
To evaluate work what we have done. To understand our future plans and reflect on what we achieved by project implementation.
Leading organisation: SIGN DANCE COLLECTIVE
Evaluation of the project
February 2024
Video clips of shows
Project team
3D Friends
Project initiators
Youth organization in Riga. Latvia. Working with diverse groups of youth. Have a youth intclusive theatre established in 2021. Project coordinators have experience in the youth field since 2017, and working with Erasmus+ program since 2018.
Be yourself. Unite. Achieve more.
Project artistic and inclusion heart
The directors at Signdance Collective have worked with hundreds of people of all ages throughout the UK and internationally, delivering workshops, and producing new work. The company is one of the first in the world to utilize and introduce the concept of inclusive practice with a specific focus on disability-deaf-led teamwork.
Centrul Scolar pentru Educatie Incluziva "Elena Doamna"
Project target group
School from Focsani, Romania, with 295 students that have hearing disabilities and mental disabilities. The students are aged from 3 to 22 years old. Our school provides a good education for all its students and it is the best help they can get in fighting against discrimination.
Social media
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