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Youth organisation NGO 3D Friends Biedrība⠀

Our Values

The most important values for us is to ensure the place for young people, where they have


Regardless of cultural, social, financial, physical differences - each is equel and important member


We help to implement the ideas of youth through various projects and to explore and use every given possibility to express ourselves


We provide a place where you can find people with the same values as yours, to unite and achieve more together

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Our projects
We are doing projects that are important not only for us but for community of young people raising important social problems.
Our projects provide a gateway into the world of performing arts, connecting young people and communities to artistic practice. We also engage in a range of inspirational and high-quality participatory activities, both nationally and internationally.
All projects that we implemented are leaded by youth (18-30 y.o.)
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Our Team
Our team is friendly and active. You can communicate directly with them, they can answer on your questions
  • Veronika Saulīte
    Veronica is a financial guru of the team. She is getting her Masters in project management and there is no project without her guidance.
  • Karīna Kožare
    Karina is where all the communication of 3D Friends is, she is great with all the partners and she has the best interviews. Karina always brings aesthetics by her presence
  • Anželika Zuba
    Anželika is the main representative person of the team, she is always there saying the best speeches. She is getting her bachelor in Politics. She has a huge youth work background and 3D Friends is the place where she brings her experience.
What our friends say about us
Latvia, 21 y.o.
The most inspiring organisation! You help to expand horizons, develop inner potential and not to be afraid to show and accept yourself. Thank you for your big contribution by giving various opportunities and support for young people to develop their awareness, skills and knowledge. It realy feels warmly and comfortable with you, because you are very responsive, kind, open minded, motivated and you are always ready for new experiences, and it is your strength! I wish you good luck and new goal achievements! :)
Latvia, 21 y.o.
In this organisation I feel like home. I feel like a met my soulmates, who are enthusiastic and full of energy and strive to create a better world for all of us. Their energy inspires to learn and act. That’s what I love about them. They helped me to create two of my events, which I value a lot.

Thank you a lot, I love you girls ❤️I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long.
Latvia, 21 y.o.
When I hear somebody’s mentioning 3d friends I cannot hear something but free d friends. And it’s the key word of the organisation. That’s absolute freedom. The leaders are always giving opportunities to create something by your own. And, fortunately, it’s not only about giving opportunities, it’s about helping each other, it’s about mutual understanding and this is incredible. To be honest, I cannot describe the feeling when we discuss smth with 3d friends, the always support you, they always show you the right way. 3D friends - is a unique combination of knowledge and kindness. Briefly, it’s a pure pleasure to interact and cooperate with 3D friends. And believe me, you won’t understand it if you haven’t tried it. Don’t waste this amazing opportunity. Fly you fools! To Terbatas 28! And join us! ASAP! Don’t make the biggest mistake of your life!
Austria, 19 y.o.
With everything you do and create, I can really feel your true motivation and passion behind it. You are spreading life and good vibes to all the people surrounding you. You already have a big amount of achievements, but those bare achievements are not the main point for you. It‘s the outcomes and taking those to the people and future. And that‘s what I highly appreciate about you and your work. Thank you for everything!💓
Latvia, 22 y.o.
Guys, attention!
If you are full of ideas, if you are a creative person, if you are open-minded, then you need becam a part of 3D FRIENDS organization!
This is an amazing organization, with the kindest, coolest people in Latvia (maybe in the world)!
You will have a chance to attend various events, be a participant in various projects and just make new friends.

I want to express special thanks to the brave girls - Veronika, Karina and Lika, who took the first step and created this project, which helped people and me to open up! ❤️❤️❤️
Latvia, 25 y.o.
When I am with 3D Friends buddies, I feel safe and sound. They always have a friendly and supportive atmosphere no matter what they do. Even when I'm in a bad state of mind, I know for sure that their team will make it better.
It is very important to speak up, especially for young people, and this organisation definitely provides the opportunity to be heard.
Latvia, 21 y.o.
One of the best fast growing organisations I’ve ever seen. It’s just amazing how in that short period of time they have created so much and have involved so many young people.
I’ve participated in some open events, which were fulfilled with so much active people. And I also always check 3D FRIENDS’ social media not to miss anything.
So join them!!😍
Latvia, 22 y.o.
I would like to tell you that I really admire by your organisation. It was very pleasant to be a part of your events, projects and meeting. I hope that in the future you will have more such events. Due to your energy and what you do, I would like to try and do more then I would like to before, you give warmth, atmosphere, confidence and new achievements. Never stop, I love you!!! ❤️
Belarus, 20 y.o.
Я знакома с организацией 3D friends 2 года. И с уверенностью могу сказать , что время проведённое в этой организацией-лучшее время! Это моя семья, моя поддержка , люди которые всегда будут рядом. Именно они знают меня настоящую! Спасибо вам ❤️
Latvia, 32 y.o.
Very big thanks for each event where i had chance to attend, in my mind i was in every your event. Thank you so much to your organisation for all your work that you are doing. I want to wish you more completed goals and a lot of new opportunities. You are wonderful people.
Latvia, 18 y.o.
Сегодня первый раз на вашей организации и я просто потрясена🤩, насколько обалденно вы работаете над своим проектом, как вы друг друга поддерживаете во всём, веселите друг друга, а на сколько вы дружелюбные все - это просто ВАУУУ!!!! Ваши конкурсы, атмосфера, позитив мне очень понравилось!!! Желаю вам , что дальше так же классно продвигалась ваша организация!❤️❤️❤️🔥
Latvia, 32 y.o.
I am really happy, that I have met these wonderful people from this NGO, that you all are so open minded and always are welcoming every person who is interested in meeting new people.
Egypt, 32 y.o.
3D Friends, an amazing friends that created organization with passion, a great place where you will explore a journey of personal and professional development.You have all support, keep going
Latvia, 32 y.o.
The Team with absolutely good and friendship atmosphere, who achieve their goals, trying to make this world better. Place, where everyone's can joint and improve their skills in all kind of sphere.❤
Latvia, 22 y.o.
Great organization that brings people together. Thank you. ❤️
Latvia, 25 y.o.
Good, important and very creative company! Love
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