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Our main goal is to create a unique art space, where deaf and hearing communities together create art and feel safe and happy. This project supported by Latvian national agency and financed by the European Union.
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"I regard the theater as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being."
- Oscar Wilde.

Why inclusive theatre?

The idea of creating the first youth-inclusive theatre in Riga was born in 2020, march, and till now we achieved really impressive results. The main result is the wish of the deaf community to integrate and not be afraid to be part of hearing people's theatre. Together we achieved the goal of creating the theatre group, and now we see the ways how we could improve the work that was done. During one year of cooperation, we understand that the community of deaf people is an incredibly interesting and different world from ours. Together during the pandemic we created virtual performances, held rehearsals outside, and made a 50 min. Integrated performance. We are ready to act, we are ready to develop ourselves in the art, and youth really inspired us to continue things that we are doing. And we understand that we want to share our experience in the proper, professional way, and help to grow integrated theatre in our community in Latvia. Focusing not on quantity, but on quality.

Why i need to join you?

Now our idea is growing and people around us are supporting us! We starting a big international project with partners from Romania and Croatia! (More info coming soon). In the frames of this project, you, as a participant of our studio will have a possibility to travel on intercultural youth exchange and take a part in an amazing experience, find new friends from other countries who will also participate in theatre! Also be prepared to perform on local stages, for example in Daugavpils on the youth theatre festival organized by NGO "New east"', where youth will share their knowledge in theatre. But the main one is not all travels and performances it is a new FAMILY! Yes, we are different, but we all have one thing in common - our theatre group. The memories and magic that will happen during rehearsals are the big secret and mystery of our group, do you want to know which? Are you ready to join us and create magic together? Express yourself in different ways and get to know a lot of new people, from deaf and hearing communities, observe, be creative and feel free!

Performance 01.04.2022
What you have done already?
During 2020-2022 We led the first youth inclusive theatre group. Together we made a 50 min length performance. We include different theatre practices there. During 1 year we try out a lot of theatre exercises and create a safe space for youth to express themselves and feel good. As well as during pandemics and after, war. the mental state of youth was damaged, and our regular rehearsals helped participants still stay positive and have this safe space for them to express and share their emotions.

What is happening now?
Now our team implementing the second part of our project. Creating 5 short videos with exercises that can be used for inclusive events. Of course in bases of theatre exercises. Karina and Veronika after working together with deaf youth created a list of tasks that are most interesting and easy to implement. No special skills are required!
The full playlist will consist of 5 different videos on different topics connected to the theatre. So everyone could understand and use it in their work. Teachers, youth workers, or just youth initiatives!
Stay tuned and follow us for more :)
Example of educating videos
First video: Get to now each other
What you want to do in future?

Our target, for now, is to create a manual and share the outcome of our rehearsals with the youth. Continue to record videos with exercises that we are using and spread methods that people can use for integration theatre.

Our future plans are to go wider and promote our idea in all of Latvia, not only in Riga, to create a workshop for deaf communities around Latvia and give an opportunity for youth to try theatre art by giving some master classes. For sure we want to continue our rehearsals with our theatre studio and became famous in Riga, attend theatre festivals and perform on local stages. And finally, of course, we want to become an international, with help of Erasmus+ projects we want to create 2 months program translated into international sign language, and developed with partners from other countries. Make connections and maybe in the future even create our own inclusion theatre festival, where everyone will be welcome and share the results of their theatre on the international level.

theatre in pictures: