Mindful art
The project that can help you express your emotions, reduce the level of stress and anxiety, and become more aware of the importance of self-care
We prepared seven free to join events based on art-therapy basic elements - Dances(body involvement), Music, Painting and Drama. All of them include participation of professional in field. Date, time and place you will receive at least one week in advance via e-mail. Feel free to attend any of them, if you don't want to miss it don't forget to register in advance.
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All events are happening in 4 languages: LV, ENG, RU and LV sign language !
April 27
Fluid Art
relaxing and meditative technique where you don't have control over the result but observe and enjoy the flow itself, mixing acrylic and tempera colours and pouring them on canvas.
June 8
Drama therapy and handcrafts
we move, explore our body, using imagination to live the transformation
We craft our experience in creating our own symbols - snakes or others - which we can care as a souvenir (in the form of a mini-sculpture, jewelry or a gift for yourself or a loved one).
July 21 - July 23
Mental Health camping
Two days mental health journey. We will have 6 different workshops such as yoga, nature and human connection, movements, drama therapy, social connection and cozy evenings with sunset and bonfire. Place: Veczemju Klintis, close to the sea cost in beautiful pine forest.
August 16
Mindfullness voyage
Sailing trip with art practicies and being in the moment. Recognizing enviroment around and reflect on your summer.
September 2
Sounds, vibrations and music
Gong Therapy session. Listening vibrations and meditate together with different music instruments. Sound therapy help to calm down and find inner peace.
November 9
Drums jam session
December 9
Mindful art big mental health event
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Our project in photos
Fluid art workshop 27.04.2023
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