YOUth IMpact: empowering stories from youth
partner project in frame of Nordic Council of Ministers’ Grant Programme

During spring we were making interviews with active Youth around Riga. Thanks to everyone who participates, you can read a digital version of Youth magazine here ->

In our interviews was participating 7 amazing people.

Story about Youth involvement and the importance of youth voice in schools from RSD president Rihards.

Story from our blind friend Mihail and how important is to live here and now, in the moment.

Interview with Asya, he/they tells how is it to live as non-binary, genderfluid people and be activists in Riga.

Breathtaking story from our friend Denis who traveled around Asia alone.

Veronika tells us about her activism story and how to create initiatives.

Small interview with our amazing Amanda, who always stay positive and shared her experience being involved in integrated theatre with hearing people being deaf.

We interviewed local TikTok blogger Ralfs, who tells us about his motivation to continue blogging and speak with the audience through the TikTok and IG platforms in Latvia.

This project was implemented with help of our amazing partners from Estonia - Narva NGO VitaTiim and in partnership with Finland NGO Valo-Valmennusyhdistys.

Project was sponsored by Nordic Council of Ministers’ Grant Programme.

People who were interviewed:

Rihards Irbe

Amanda Anete Intsone

Denis Zykov

Ralfs Karklins

Asya Lo Caune

Veronika Gita

Mihail Olekhov

People who interviewed:

Anzhelika Zuba (Rihards Irbe)

Anzhelika Zuba (Amanda Anete Intsone)

Olesia Zhelezniak (Denis Zykov)

Anzhelika Zuba (Ralfs Karklins)

Polina Kryvchykova (Asya Lo Caune)

Vita Rekshnya (Veronika Gita)

Denis Kishinevsky (Mihail Olekhov)

English translator:

Anastacia Nay

Olesia Zhelezniak

Karina Kozhare


Anna Mgdesian