Youth Exchange
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Project in Liepāja together with 25 young people from Egypt, Norway, Georgia, Turkey and Latvia. With the support of European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth
Information researches
We started the day with a good breakfast 
 It was good. After the meal, we moved to the main room for the first energizer of the day “ Hi ha ho. “ It was good. After warming up for the day we sat down for a Norwegian team session. It was about the social influence of social media on participating countries ( Latvia, Turkiye, Georgia, Norway, Egypt ). Participants were working hard to prepare impactful presentations for other participants. It was good. Then we had a brief coffee break. The cookies were good. Sofi afterwards helped us to get into the mood again. The mood was good 
. We started to present our impactful presentations. Norway was the first group, then Turkey, then Egypt, then Georgia, and last but not least Latvian group. Each group had only 10 minutes for sharing their impactful outcomes. Truly impactful, because each group had more to tell. And it would never fit in 10 minutes. Ages. We are really impressed. Good job, guys.
The lunch was ok.
Then we saw No-man ( A small yellow man who goes hand to hand 
 ). All-day it was traveling from room to room and hand to hand. First we saw it with Farah, later it traveled to Ahmed then Ali got it in his hand after this it was passed to Tiko, then Tiko gave it to Medina and she slipped to Emilija and she threw it to Shermin but at we were shocked to find out that it was all this time with Usman. We are waiting for his energizer tomorrow.
After lunch, we had a pop-corn event. Questions about countries and about the facts that we learned before. Then our Latvian Leaders took all the participants ( except 2 of them ) to outside of the building. We were confused and lost. We need our leaders to lead us. Luckily, our reporter Emilija was inside the room. And here is her quote: “ It was fun. Interesting. Unique. “ As reported from inside of the room, it was a game. We, the people from outside, started going back inside one by one. And what we saw inside was shocking. And confusing. There was not even a single second to process this moment. This was intense. Now you might be wondering what it was
 But let us tell you! Two chairs facing each other standing in an empty room. One person was sitting on a chair. The second one was standing there empty. One person from outside comes in and sits in exactly this one empty chair. They stare, smile, and breathe. I will tell you a story, listen carefully, Karina says. The person already sitting in the chair starts to tell a story. JUST ONCE. No questions. The story is changing every time, a new person comes in. So confusing, right? 
 These changes happen when people don't listen carefully or don't understand the story which was told to them. That was a good lesson. we did this to show how the information flow works in real life. thank you for this opportunity
At some point, there was also a coffee break. Before or after. That does not matter. Cookies were great either way. Very good, very nice.
Karina and Veronika introduced the next task. The topic was COVID19 in media (each country had a research session about the following topics, max. 6 min/perception, fake news, timeline, trust in media). Afterwards, we had a discussion where we compared our experiences during the time of the pandemic and each group shared their opinions and thoughts. Thanks for sharing.
After having impactful and deep discussions we moved on to the food part. Because good food is a good mood. Dinner is served!
Now we are ready for the Norwegian cultural night and eating a lot of waffles.
This was the 3rd day of the project and the 187th day of the year.
very good
very nice
thank you
Ali , Hannah , Emilia

Awareness about cybercrime, fake news, copyrights, protection of personal data

Today was the 3rd day of the program, it was amazing that started with breakfast where everyone was gathering around, after that we had our first energizer was introduced by Ali, it was creative and pushed our thinking to think outside of the box. we had pieces of paper which written on it a sentence that needed to be made in any way we liked. we discovered many potentials of creative people and ideas.

then we had a session led by Madina and Nour (Georgia, and Egypt) it was about cyber security and fake news, we shared out thoughts about around the topic and then we had to film a short movie about the effect of cyber crime or fake news.

we had so much fun while filming it. then we had a coffee break, for 15 mins then we went back again to show our work and it was so much fun and we laughed alot.

we had lunch after that, and after that Mohamed Ali had to make energizer because he had the “No-Man” yesterday

we played a game that reminded us of our childhood and it was fun, after long competition we had a winner Sofi Beridze she was persistent to win and she did.

Then we had a session which was led by Ali, he explained the copy rights and the personal data protection and how can we defend our data and make it private using different methods. we were assigned to make activity where we had a situation and we need to see what should we do, and group number 2 were amazing and very creative job. i

After that we had a session les by Madina about “information bubble” and she explained what informationa bubble is and how sources of media actually know your needs and target you. we had a lovely activity where we had 5 pieces of small papers and we needed to write 5 things as if we are searching that, then we put all the papers in a box and shook it then we picked 5 different pieces. After that we had to mingle and give the papers we see to the person we think it might belong to his interest.

And then we had a post box time where we read all the nice comments people had for each other. and again we are expecting Mohamed Ali to give us another exciting energizer because he had the “No- Man” again today

Last but not least, we had Egyptian culture night where we had fun and danced and enjoyed our time

Thank you guys for the day


3D Friends LV


MIHI For Training And Development


ProActive Group Georgia

Youth Media

Preparing for final product and walking in the city
We started the day with the breakfast attended by everyone. Then we continued with the report of the previous day. We performed the exercise movements that Sofi showed us, our first energizer, outside. Under Veronica's leadership, everyone identified 10 social problems, then divided them into 3 groups and determined 3 topics. A leader was chosen for each of the 3 subjects, then everyone chose the group they wanted to join. Group members discussed the short film they were shooting about the topic. We realized our 2nd energizer with Muhammad Ali. First, we formed a circle and a person in the middle closed his eyes and chose a person to show the dance figure, and that person determined the dance figure at intervals, the person in the middle tried to find that person and everyone had a lot of fun. After the exercise, we had lunch, and then we made a tour of the city, where we visited historical places. After the tour, dinner was eaten. The Latvians organized this evening's culture night. We had the culture night by the beach. It was a day of fun and lots of walking.
Final product making
Ten - breakfast is the same time, why they didn't get it, that it's too early
Nine - sunny called us to gether in conference room, still haven't finished our breakfast
Eight - other groups already finished everything, we're still singing the same song and the script isn't developing
Seven - our hero Liza helped us to concentrate and have movie script, thanks universe for sending Liza to us
Six - went to shoot, we are all girls and have just one cali, but we lost him, waiting him at the bus station, he is a lucky guy, how many girls are waiting for him.
Five - Cali is here but where is camera, honestly we need camera more then Cali, Cali don't be angry to us

Four - Cali and our two stars are shooting, rest of us just enjoying of walking. We went to the sea festival, it's cool, other working we are chilling, what we want more.
Three - we still want to stay at festival but our boss Veronika said to go back and finish shooting, remind you she is a boss. But she is right, we have to finish this movie
Two - finally we have all scenes. thanks to our one and only boy Cali, he will do rest of our job and girls can have a fun in festival again. Thanks for universe again for sending us to Cali.
One - we went to the festival again. Now we can taste food and drink for free, cool. We don't understand why here everything is delicious but in hotel only okay. Festival is near the sea side, of course it's liepaja everywhere is near the sea, so we went. We found there not only a lot of wind, but also sand statues. Latvians have a lot of time to build sand statues. But why we have strong desire to destroy all of them, sorry Latvian.
Zero - we want to come back to hotel, but where is the car, our boss Veronika lost it. Now it's time to split and find a car, that's hard decision. choose Hannah or boss Veronika. Those who are brave chose Hannah. It was smart decision. We found a car, thanks for universe this time for sending us Hannah.

Minus one - now it's time for popcorn, it's movie time, sadly our universe didn't send us popcorn but movies at least. First movie, glass is walking, we didn't get it.

Second movies was ours, thanks to Cali, we get it, because we did it. Third one, sugar daddy, wish all of u to have one sugar daddy at least. Muhamed Ali suits his character, he is real sugar daddy maybe

Minus two - eating time again, kitchen staff still confused who is beef lover, who is porkophonic and who is only eating grass.

Minus three - it's time for turkey culture night, oh sorry turkie. Everything is homemade, we can't wait to finish all of the food. Our international judges give to merve five michelin stars. Turkish old and modern music is playing, we had money on our forehead, thanks to our muhamed Ali for sponsoring that money.

Minus four - good night, we will come to your dreams, wait for us.


Thanks to all report team

~~Tiko, Narmin, Sofi, Hannah~~

Presentation and project output

Marked one day before the program officially ends. Informanimation team held a movie screening event named as “let’s be friends”

This event aims to showcase the work of youth from different countries who participated in the informanimation program which focuses on information literacy topics.

The day was full of energy, smiles and good vibes. We started the day with a good and boosting energizer at the garden besides the hotel and then we began preparing for our biggg day!

We were divided into 4 teams as the following:

* Digital team

Who are responsible for the technical things.

* Activities team

Who are responsible for organizing the activities which will be held throughout the day.

* Social media team

Who are are responsible for documenting the day and preparing social media posts.

* Decoration/organizing team

Who are are responsible for organizing and decorating the venue of our event

Each team was preparing and working on their tasks and we were all super excited and optimistic about the event.

The event took place in icklubs at 7:00 PM.

We had an amazing and an unforgettable evening where we fully enjoyed watching our great work and results together with music, smiles and warm vibes all over the place.

We began our evening by an energizer that is all about dancing and having a blast then we began screening all of our work and then receiving feedback, questions from everyone.

After we finished screening, we made mini presentations about each country thats participating in the program and they were all very insightful and interesting.

Finally, we ended our evening with kahoot game that has questions about all the participating countries and we took a group photo and ended our day with laughter, positive vibes while heading back to our place.


So the day started with a very refreshing morning activity, which was suggested by amazing Ina. We played a fishing game, where everyone had a chance to catch their own fancy fish. After that, we did a long evaluation of the whole project, where everyone has shared their opinions about gained experience and, of course, marvelous hotel food

. After that, Veronika did a small energizer, which took approximately half an hour. Later, when we finally got the rules, we had a great fun together.

Apart from that, we also did some sightseeing. Some of us visited the mesmerizing Northern Forte and others went to swimming as well as the market. Those, who have chosen to go sightseeing with the great Emilia, were never told that they would need to walk 11km

and visit a secret military base inside the forest, while being lost. However, even though the road was full of events, it has to be admitted that Emilia did a fantastic job and it was a great pleasure to enjoy the views around the abandoned sea port.

In the end, we had a memorable final party, and we all felt very close to each other. The beautiful journey of love, care, and respect from the people belonging to so many different nationalities ended with the best ending we could ask for.

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