Eco citizen!
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Solidarity corps group volunteering "Eco citizen" is aimed to get a perfect opportunity to learn more about cetaceans and gain valuable experience in conservation as well as raising awareness of the importance of marine conservation, globally through volunteering in the AWDF organization that working with conservation issues from the 1994 year.
What we have done?
Project were implemented in a beautiful island Tenerife together with 18 participant from Latvia Estonia and Spain
Project in photos:
Do you know that...
  • Canary Islands are the leading tourist destination in Europe with 16 million tourists a year
  • Each tourist consumes 2.5 times more water and electricity than a local resident
  • Bottlenose dolphins and Pilot whales are two resident of Tenerife island
  • The island is home to several protected areas, including the Teide National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Our Partners
  • Estonia/Narva
    non-formal learning center VitaTiim has the aim to create a supportive and inspiring environment to empower young people to be the best versions of themselves, discover their role in the global world and become flexible in the time of constant changes.
  • Spain/Tenerife
    The AWdF runs cetacean educational awareness, research and conservation programmes. Its volunteers act as ‘Research Guides’ on the whale watching boats and as 'Acoustics Researchers.'
  • Latvia/Riga
    Youth organization. The aim of the organization is to create a safe space for youth to grow. Be yourself. Unite. Achieve more.